Dancer Congrats…

Terra and I are so proud of each of you for your amazing run of shows this week. You all grew in so many ways and it was wonderful to see you get better and better with every performance.

Katherine – we are so proud of you for dancing so hard despite your “angry” feet and handling all the pressures of the costuming as well as your roles for each show.  Your pointe work has gotten so much stronger and your work ethic is really valued by all of us.

Haylie – you have improved so much this fall in your strength and technique and you are a joy to have around.  Your big smile was wonderful to watch during each performance and you brought a really positive energy to the group.  That is so important, thank you.

Anna – you are such a beautiful dancer and provide such a calming, grounding energy to our group.  You work so hard to improve with every opportunity and your beautiful smile was so wonderful to watch every show.  Thank you for being so wonderful.

Kate – you are such a strong leader in the new group and we are grateful for that.  You worked hard to improve with every show and did a great job.  Your pointe work has improved so much in this process and we are so proud of you.  Great job.

Ella – you are so beautiful to watch on stage.  You have such poise and grace and it is wonderful to watch.  Your technique and strength have improved so much this fall and we know  you work so hard on both of these things.  What a great week you had.

Hannah – you have improved so much this fall and we are so proud of the way you work on things to get better.  You have gotten so much stronger in your pointe work and with each performance opportunity we saw you relax and perform a little bit more. Great job.

Gracie – you are a wonderful part of our new group.  We saw such improvement in you this week and are so proud of the work you put in to improve your strength and technique and pointe work.  Thanks for your wonderful smile and fun personality.

Jayla – you are so thoughtful and reflective with the corrections you are given and this is appreciated by us.  You work so hard and have improved so much in your short time with us.  You are fun and relaxed within the group and we are so glad you have joined us.

Bridget – you did such an amazing job this week to try to apply all the corrections given to the group.   You worked so hard to improve the things you were given to work on.  We know you think hard about all your corrections.  Thank you.

Jillian – our wonderful mouse.  It was amazing to see you transform that character in the course of the shows.  You are such a steady, positive leader in our group and we really value that mentorship to our younger dancers.  You are wonderful.

Margaux – you are such a strong, steady dancer and we are so proud of how hard you work and your commitment to making each show better than the last.  You are so beautiful on stage and we value the work you put in to make it look easy.

Natalie – it  was wonderful to see you flourish in a character role this week.  You were really fun to watch.  In your classical roles, you worked so hard to improve with each show; diligently practicing those pirouettes and promenades countless times before each show.  Way to go.

Bella – you are such a conscientious dancer.  You are so beautiful to watch and we know that you work so hard every day to improve your technique to reach your potential.  It was really fun to see you in a character role this week too. We are very proud of you.

Keanne – you are such a quiet, humble leader in our group.  Your work ethic and attention to detail drive you to improve each time you do something.  It was great to see you having some fun in Kids scene and your character work has improved so much.  Way to go!

Kennedy – you were such a valuable part of our group this past few weeks.  It is hard to deal with the disappointment of injury, and you came in smiling every day, learning new roles and doing a wonderful job.  We are very grateful you were part of it this year.

Ashlynne – we had so much fun watching you as cat.  Your character developed so much throughout the week as cat and I laughed out loud every time those reindeer scared you with their entrance.  Your technique and pointe work in Snow was wonderful.  Great job.

Jess – we are so proud of how much you have improved this fall.  Your beautiful smile during Plums, or your fun-loving, mischievous character in Kids was so fun to watch.  You worked hard each show to get better and your hard work paid off each time.  Way to go.

Hollee – our wonderful, animated Hollee.  We love the wonderful energy you bring to our group.  You are a beautiful, strong dancer, but you also have strong character work that is going to serve you well in your career.  Thanks for your fun-loving self.

Alyssa – we are so grateful to you for handling your last-minute injury with such professionalism and grace.  You came happy to help out and be involved in any way you could, and this is a true mark of character and integrity.  We are so proud of you; you are an awesome young woman.

Raegan – we were awed by your development of your cat character this week.  You were confident and fun and it added a lot to the shows.  You worked so hard in your classical roles as well, and your commitment and attention to correction was wonderful.