EFB Christmas Party

6:00 – 8:30  EFB Potluck and Christmas party

We have divided the girls into 2 “cooking” groups this year.  One group of 10 will contribute to host the Christmas dinner, and the other 10 will host the year end dinner.  The first group includes: Ella, Kate, Bridjet, Katherine, Jayla, Raegan, Anna, Haylie, Hannah, Gracie

The girls have not yet decided what they will bring, but in past years a simple pasta dinner with salads has worked out well. We will be using the Food Lab for the event, so we will have access to everything we will need for cooking.  We won’t need plates or cutlery either. I will check in with the cooking group this week and make sure we are clear on dietary needs for everyone, and then help them get a list of what they are responsible for and will post it on the blog.

We have picked names for a Secret Santa gift exchange that will be done that night too.  There is a $20 limit for the gift. The girls can bring their present with the name of the person it is for but not who gave it.  Then when the recipient opens it, they have to guess who gave it.  It is always a wonderful part of the evening!

Please contact Nancy if you have questions or concerns.