Artistic Directors


Edmonton Festival Ballet Artistic Director, Nancy Hamilton.
Edmonton Festival Ballet Artistic Director, Nancy Hamilton.

Nancy Hamilton B.Ed.  Hamilton B.Ed. –

Nancy graduated from the ESB professional program in 1990 and went on to Montreal to continue her training with the school for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens.  Upon graduation from that program, she moved to the United States to dance professionally with Cincinnati Ballet.

Nancy returned home in 1995 to attend the U of A, where she received her B.Ed. in Special Education and was hired by Edmonton Public Schools.  For the next 6 years she worked as an elementary teacher at various schools around the city, before joining the staff of Vimy Ridge’s dance department.   Nancy has been Ballet Mistress for Edmonton Festival Ballet and Citie Ballet, rehearsal assistant for Alberta Ballet’s Nutcracker children, and a ballet teacher at various studios around the city.  Currently in her fifth year at Vimy, Nancy is teaching fitness, phys. Ed, theory, non-syllabus, variations, pointe and repertoire as well as co-directing Edmonton Festival Ballet with her friend and colleague Terra Mahood.


Edmonton Festival Ballet Artistic Director, Terra Mahood.
Edmonton Festival Ballet Artistic Director, Terra Mahood.

Terra Mahood, B.Ed., B.A. (Psych), L.I.S.T.D. (Cecchetti), A.I.S.T.D. (National)

Ms. Mahood has been teaching ballet for more than 20 years.  Terra graduated from the teacher training program at the Edmonton School of Ballet in 1991 after achieving her Associate exam in the Cecchetti method.  She achieved her Advanced 2 exam in 1992 and Licentiate exam in 1993 (both in the Cecchetti Faculty).  Terra teaches Cecchetti exam classes, pointe, variations, non-syllabus, pre-ballet, etc.  She is a senior teacher in the dance program at Vimy Ridge Academy and at the Edmonton School of Ballet.  Ms. Mahood is a Senior Examiner of Margaret Flynn’s Junior Preparatory Grades, is the current Production Manager for the Edmonton School of Ballet, and is an experienced Stage Manager for dance performances.  She is also co-director of the Edmonton Festival Ballet gratefully sharing the job with Nancy Hamilton.

In 1997 Terra graduated from the University of Alberta achieving a B.A. with Distinction with a major in Psychology and a minor in Sociology.  In 2008 she also graduated with a B.Ed. from the same institution.  She currently teachers for the Edmonton Public School Board at Vimy Ridge Academy teaching Dance, Social Studies, and French as a Second Language.  In June 2000, Terra also achieved her Advanced 2 and Associate examinations in the I.S.T.D. National Branch.  Her future goals include achieving the Diploma, Licentiate Diploma, and Fellowship examinations in the Cecchetti Faculty.


Board of Directors 

Michael Beauvais, President

Hunter Dobbie-Purvis, Vice President

Marcine Olsen, Treasurer

Karen Kelln-Dwyer, Secretary

Karen Edwards, Volunteer Coordinator

Alisha Lemoine, Director, Advertising and Promotions

Kristina Covlin-Dewart, Director

Lara McClelland, Director

Rachel McNicoll, Director

Tammy Powell, Director

Michelle Ann Rochard, Director

Margaret Flynn, Director

Shawna Ellis, Casino/Raffle Chairperson

Tracy MacEachern, Silent Auction Coordinator


Katherine Aikema

Natalie Beauvais

Company Administrator

Julie Homister